iBeacons uses small devices that, through Bluetooth Low Energy technology, are able to transmit identifying code to smartphone and tablet, in a range between 10 cm and 70 meters.

By themselves, iBeacon devices don’t do anything. They always need an app or a platform, able to translate into a content the code sent.

In order to make campaign of proximity marketing, through beacons is possible to transmit any kind of information and a great variety of contents such as photos, videos, documents, surveys, and more.

These are simple and cheap devices, provided with a battery lasting for years.

On the market there are many different kind of iBeacon devices available, so it’s important to choose them carefully based on the necessity.

Estimote, BlueUp, Kontakt, Gimbal, Radius Network these are some of the most famous brands.

How we use iBeacon technology.

Our Contextual Mobile Engagement platform integrated in any mobile app allows the creation of communication and proximity marketing campaign based on the behaviour, the location and the users’ taste.

Among the others we use iBeacon sensors to send contents to users already equipped with a certain mobile app that are passing by your headquarter, or after a physical interaction (bump) between smartphone and iBeacon itself. NearIT allows you to use iBeacon even to define indoor area to monitor users entrances and exits.

Have a look at the section “NearIT for” on our web site to read our more interesting successful use case.


NearIT is a technology solution suitable for many use.

Our technological startup has developed NearIT, a web platform able to improve the features of any app to communicate and engage the mobile users in a unique experience with personalized contents suitable for the needs of any single user.

NearIT is the technological solution for retailers, museums, convention centers, airports, stations and shopping malls.

If you have a mobile app and you want to improve its features to plan a proximity marketing campaign, using also beacon technologies, we have the right solution for you.